The world is different right now especially for marketing agencies in the Luxury Travel Brands Market. The brands that see fewest customers but make some large numbers on their bottom line. Staying in touch with their market is of the utmost importance and connecting with new clientele is all the rage.

Let’s turn our attention to the most impacted: Luxury Travel Industry – this includes Cruise Liners, Exotic destination Hotels, Private Airliners, and even SuperYacht Charter & Sales.

It is evident that many big brands in this space have been leaning on their internal marketing teams, and even consulting external marketing agencies. Trying to navigate and drive creativity into keeping their customer acquisition channels open and thriving.

Akin to these industries and working with HNWI (High Networth Individuals) in person at shows, conventions, and events is the norm. But, now that is different and going virtual in a digital world is a new normal. It may be time to bring in the experts for helping brands take off and here’s how they do it!

Be overly Knowledgeable in your Luxury Travel Brands Market

The first and most obvious caveat to working with a Marketing Agency in the luxury space is experience. Let the results speak for themselves, relationships are the commodity of choice and so referral based business is very transactional in this space.

An obvious encounter would be working within your own network and asking for what’s working for your industry colleagues and surely you’ll get referrals. The Marketing Agency in this space will have inbound inquiries that they need to meet with high touch communication and adaptability. Fully anticipating the needs of Luxury Travel Brands which helps doing higher quality work with fewer clients, it’s a win for both sides.

This knowledge is portrayed in how clientele are handled because that anticipation of needs by Marketing Agencies focuses on better creative and better defined targets when pursuing HNWI for Luxury Brands – it is just a requirement.

Global is the New Local

When it comes to marketing for Luxury Travel brands the HNWI are fewer and even more distributed all over the world. If a Marketing Agency cannot connect the dots across the Globe it is likely they will not be achieving ideal results.

A good agency will have bases covered in key cities around the world because meeting in person is crucial when working with large numbered deals. There is a subtle art of service that accompanies the work and results. This includes internal assets like different team members speaking several languages to handle client meetings and to ensure copywriting is of the best quality throughout multiple destination targets.

There are a plethora of intricacies that a Marketing Agency will need to cover in order to operate and achieve success in the Luxury Travel Industry.

Clients & Customer Service

A lot can be said for a Marketing Agency that achieves good results, but when it comes to a competitive industry where Brands place such an integral part of the big picture. You have to hire the best Account Managers and Client Liaison staff to handle the front lines.

This will help build trust and when the results speak for themselves it’s much more effective to put a face to them.

Just the same can be said for when things do not go according to plan and communication is your best resource. This market segment again, is very isolated and unique; all dealings need to be strategic and as an agency client satisfaction is number one. Having rock stars on your team who know how to work with clients is monumental.

We let the SEO wizards and PPC experts own their part of the ship, and designers and developers build their digital artworks. Whilst the client facing team members ensure the bridge is sturdy and no surprise gaps bring any risk to the business relationship.

Digital is Here to Stay

This may be obvious but there are still persons who believe in traditional marketing and haven’t been involved in the trends. That is our job as Marketers – to stay on the trends on behalf of our clients.

We have to be resourceful in our approach, and as mentioned early the Luxury Travel Market is very focused on relationships, repeat clients, and experience. This cannot be readily seen as we’re not able to travel as much at the moment, but we can connect and drive home the point with creativity for our clients.

Right now, it is very important for Luxury Travel brands to invest in website design, digital marketing services like seo, ppc, and social media. This will be that catalyst in leading the way in a new normal. We are likely to see some very creative agencies working with the winners and even starting new digital trends to make up for the less in person experiences.

Agencies Need Dedication to Travel

This may sound obvious because who is not passionate about travelling? Everyone who loves travel doesn’t necessarily do much of it. So to be perfectly clear that when bringing your A-Game to the arena you need to be dedicated.

Which Luxury Travel brands survive will depend on their marketing efforts and only the best Marketing Agencies who are dedicated. It may sound serious and not fun, but rather it is an adventure under new circumstances and should invoke confidence and curiosity. That is where determination that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we can market our way there!

If in doubt feel free to ask any questions or get in touch if you are curious about amplifying your marketing needs!