Welcome To The Future: Montreal Marketing Agency in 2022

montreal marketing agency

As a Montreal marketing agency, we have seen marketers around the world adopt more digital practices. In the process, marketing agencies have also begun adopting a hybrid model that blends both agency and in-house services. This has led many marketing leaders to ask: Will there be any marketing agencies left in 2022? While this is […]

SEO in 2022 What Does it Look Like?

SEO in 2022

SEO in 2020, the internet is predicted to have 4.7 billion users, with the vast majority of those users on mobile devices. SEO in 2022, it’s projected that 75% of all internet traffic will be from mobile devices. This rapid shift in online behavior has a few implications for SEO as we know it today. […]

Online Advertising Changes in 2021

SEO Tools

The world has turned a new page in 2021 when it comes to Online Advertising and I am still excited about it. But wow… I see things starting to change. Google and Facebook are pushing their limits with privacy and strange updates within Online Advertising. How many companies are even adhering to the email standards […]

2021 Marketing Predictions

marketing predictions

The roller coaster of marketing predictions that was 2020 has not ended. In fact, it has brought to light a lot of new insights and with those, has created some very interesting opportunities! There have been a great deal of surprises and lessons learned. So now, you might ask: what’s coming in 2021!? Focusing on […]