A lot of businesses manage to build their products and services into thriving businesses!

But how to find customers, exactly is that done?

Well there are a variety of reasons. The best ones are direct referrals from your current and past clients being thrilled enough to recommend you! That also points to the sales being an important part of any business.

I’d like to recommend some very simple things you can do to generate more potential customers or leads for your business.

Create Content Your Customers Need

There is no secret here because the internet has grown into a highly concentrated supply of never ending information. Your potential leads are searching for answers to their questions everyday!

If you are a local plumbing company and you’re available for 24 hour emergency service, your website should reflect that! Dedicate a page to the services you offer with detailed descriptions of the types of emergencies. You might want to target a keyword like “emergency plumber Chicago” if your business is located there.

Within the content, you will distribute your keyword (and variations of it) in relation to emergency plumbing situations. This can be in the form of text, photos and videos. If you have customers you have serviced in the past, you can include those as examples of your plumbing company saving the day!

Make sure your content is updated and improved on a regular basis and consider adding other intriguing pieces of content to your website.

Consider Online Advertising

There may come a time where you have a budget and you are ready to start taking calls or opening emails. Then, you should consider using online advertising channels such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and many other social media platforms – the list goes on for how to find customers.

Perhaps you can look at content based websites and inquire about getting a custom article about your company, which will provide a valuable backlink to your business.

There are many ways to pay for online advertising and the benefits are quite remarkable. You are able to start a marketing campaign immediately and in certain cases, you can see results fairly quickly. It all starts with someone clicking your ad. Sometimes they might “click to call,” and directly start conversations, or you can bring them to your landing page and they can learn more about your business.

The best part of Online Advertising is that the results are measurable. If you learn anything valuable, you can improve your ads and also try new things if the campaign is not getting the results you expected.

Listing Your Company On Business Directories

The Yellow Pages is a giant book, but also a giant website that now has many competitors. Long gone are the days when a big yellow book would show up on your doorstep.

Today, it’s a different story. Your business being listed online with the proper details in directories is more important than ever. There are many people looking for just an address, images, reviews, phone number, competitors and more! Surely, you’ve been on Google Maps and seen business listings. This convenience is where you should make sure your business is listed – very important!

The search engine is all about convenience and having a properly listed business profile is crucial to your potential leads.

Answer Questions And Engage In Content

Earlier, I mentioned that you should be producing content that your leads can read to learn more about you. That also has another potential benefit you can leverage, which is to engage with other content online. Using websites like Quora, Reddit, Forums, and Social platforms to respond to questions is a great way to get visibility.

The importance in sharing your knowledge and establishing the credibility or expertise in the industry where your potential customers are, is just as important as the other recommendations. This relates best to customer service and building relationships can be very important in certain industries.

If you spend even 20 minutes in the evening responding to questions and making recommendations on various platforms, the results can build quite quickly. You may even find yourself giving proposals in the comment section!

At The End of The Day

There are many opportunities for you to find customers, but doing so in a world where being digital is becoming an everyday part of life makes focus important.

Be sure to look further into these opportunities and if you have any questions or need recommendations yourself, contact me today!