When we think of local businesses and how to increase website traffic to the many businesses in the city, there are lots of ways to engage your audience. As you may know that Montreal is a hub of fashion, food, and culture. A lot of people visit the city every year and even more of us call Montreal home. What if you own an online business in Montreal? You may be struggling to find ways to grow your customer base and increase your website traffic with SEO or Social Media. There are some simple tasks you can do to help get your brand out there and make new connections with potential customers. Here are 4 easy ways that will get you on the right track to increasing website traffic from SEO Troop!

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Make a strategy for your audience

The first step is to make a strategy. You need to identify your goals for ways to increase website traffic. What do you want the end result to be? What do you want people in Montreal and around the world to see about your business when they search for it? How can you showcase your products or services in an effective way?

Utilize social media to engage

One of the easiest ways to increase website traffic to your business is by using social media outlets. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow you to target your audience in a variety of ways. You can even offer discounts or promotions on social media sites to encourage customers to visit your website. Most businesses use social media because it’s an inexpensive way to get the word out about their products or services and increase website traffic.

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Create content that attracts your audience

In today’s world, people are constantly searching for what they want. If someone is looking for a good restaurant in Montreal, they will likely turn to a search engine to help them find the right place. So, what does this have to do with your business? Well, if you own a restaurant in Montreal and want more customers, there are a few things you can do. The first thing you can do is create content that attracts your audience. That means adding reviews on sites like Google My Business or Trip Advisor as well as creating blog posts about your favourite menu items so people know what to expect from you. Another great way to attract your audience and increase your website traffic is by posting pictures of your food on Instagram and other social media platforms. You could also start hosting events that appeal to a certain type of customer – cooking classes for example.

Engage with users to generate buzz.

Social media adds to SEO in a great way to engage with users and generate buzz for your business. This is a very organic way to engage with your customers and show that to future visitors.

Many people use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to increase their brand’s visibility. You can share your posts on these platforms and then track the engagement you get with them. If someone likes, shares, or comments on one of your posts, you can reach out to them directly in order to start conversations. This will also help you generate more website traffic! For more marketing tips like social meda and SEO reach out to us directly for a free consultation!