As a Montreal marketing agency, we have seen marketers around the world adopt more digital practices. In the process, marketing agencies have also begun adopting a hybrid model that blends both agency and in-house services.

This has led many marketing leaders to ask:

Will there be any marketing agencies left in 2022? While this is still an open question, research shows that these organizations will continue to play an important role in the future of marketing.

With that said, here are some insights into what’s coming for Montreal Marketing Agency in 2022.

montreal marketing agency in 2022

What happens when you work with a Montreal marketing agency?

Marketers have traditionally used services like PR and marketing automation to attract customers. Today, however, they are using AI, robotics, and blockchain to create personalized experiences for each and every customer.

For example, AI assistants are able to provide customer service, create relevant content, and even book events. Robots are able to create visual and audio content and even host events. And blockchain, meanwhile, is helping marketers with everything from building customer trust to creating secure transactions.

While these technologies have been around for years, they are only now coming into their own. This is why many marketers say that the future is now.

Marketing Automation is Still Going Strong

When it comes to marketing automation, the industry has been around for decades. Since the 1950s, businesses have used CRM to manage customer relationships. And since the 1990s, they have also used marketing automation software.

Today, however, most Montreal Marketing Agency businesses are increasingly turning to market automation as a way to approach their entire marketing strategy. In fact, many are even considering it the core of their marketing strategy. What’s driving the marketing automation trend?

Marketing automation is far more advanced. It’s also easier to use. And it comes with added benefits, such as artificial intelligence.

As a result, marketers are using it for everything from lead generation to customer retention. And this will only grow in the future.

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Marketing Automation is Becoming Even More Important

Marketers have been turning to market automation for years. However, with more advanced software now available, there are more opportunities for marketers to automate their processes.

And as more marketers begin to understand the benefits of marketing automation, the practice is expected to grow even more. Marketing automation is expected to become even more important in the future. Its importance will increase as marketers become more comfortable with it. W

ith more advanced software available, marketers will be able to automate even more processes than before. As a result, they’ll be able to increase their productivity while also providing better service to their customers.

Consumers will expect more from AI and Robotics

Many marketers have been using AI and robotics to create personalized experiences for consumers. For example, marketers are using AI to create personalized content and learn what their customers want.

They are also using robotics to create visual and audio content. And they are using robotics to host events. While marketers have been using these technologies for years, they are only now beginning to see a larger uptake.

This is largely due to the fact that AI and robotics have become more advanced. As such, marketers are now able to do even more with these technologies. In the future, consumers will expect these technologies to play a larger role in marketing.

As a result, marketers will be looking for new ways to use AI and robotics.

Marketing Creative Will Change While Video Continues to Grow

Marketers have been trying to increase their creative output for years. However, the rise of artificial intelligence has made it more difficult for marketers to create new content.

Many marketers are now turning to AI-generated creatives. They are also able to use AI to create visual and audio content. Marketers are even using AI to host events.

While marketers have been using these technologies for years, they are only now beginning to see a larger uptake. This is largely due to the fact that AI and robotics have become more advanced.

Bottom line

When it comes to marketing, organizations have traditionally used agency partners to handle their communications. As marketers have shifted more toward digital practices, however, many have also begun to hire in-house teams to handle these efforts.

In fact, marketers will continue to use agencies to accomplish certain tasks while also hiring in-house team members to handle others.

As such, marketers will continue to rely on both agency and in-house teams in the years to come. SEO Troop can handle your business marketing needs now and in the future, Contact Us Today for more information or a consultation.