How does SEOTroop help Quebec SEO?

The power of search engines is becoming very relevant in today’s world and there is no exception for companies in eastern Canada, specifically Quebec SEO and ranking higher. The way we used to generate sales opportunities in the past has come a long way today. 

Customers are using French and English to find out more information about products and services, almost anything that can provide them more insights. The smart and active businesses are producing content that helps answer many questions and ultimately is building a relationship of trust with those potential customers.

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Why is Local Search important for Quebec SEO

In 2021 the greatest amount of influence small businesses have is through Google search, and almost half of those searches are for information in your local area. A key point of focus is that your business’s website should be optimized for those customers in your region, it’s called local search. If you are not working to answer these questions or provide content you could be losing out on a lot of potential customers.

To make it very clear SEO is a very important and competitive space and staying on the top of page one is exactly like staying on top of mind to customers. Therefore you have to stay active and update your SEO and continuously optimize it. There is where an SEO Agency like SEOTroop specializes in providing companies interested in Quebec SEO services. 

quebec seo company

What Key Areas Should You Focus On For Local SEO

1. Competitor Keywords

The very first thing you can and will probably notice is when you perform a Google search on your business. You can find that keyword or perhaps enter some Frequently Asked Questions. These are the types of questions your customers are searching for everyday when they are trying to find solutions to their problems. Chances are good that most of your traffic will come from searches that are driven by specific types of keywords.

2. Local Pack

The best way to see where your north star should be when trying to get more customers is the Local Pack. You may not know what that means or might have even hear the term previously, but it’s what shows up in the Maps area when a list of businesses is shown. This is a great way to generate more website traffic.

3. Mobile Friendly Website

This one is very basic but nonetheless important because the user experience is a big player in SEO. Almost everyone has a device in their hand and everyday the average time spent on a device is increasing. Thus it is important that your website’s key information is easily consumed on mobile devices in relevant and convenient form. Not only is the information important but website speed, text size, image quality and onwards for what is optimized for the Mobile User experience part of SEO.

4. Well Written and Well Detailed Content

The most important and effective form of SEO ranking is to create high quality content. This can be in the form of length and detail, something that really informs and answers the search question. That can be an extensive product review, or a tutorial form on how to use a product or service. It is easy to find examples when searching for terms that include questions. A well written SEO optimized article will include lots of text, photos and even videos and should be structured for easy navigation. 

SEOTroop can help you understand more and work on developing these types of search engine optimization activities. Contact us today to ask questions or for a free consultation.