SEO strategies matter a lot given the extended peak season, businesses now have two extra months to ensure that their digital marketing campaigns are optimized for summer. Even if your business isn’t a seasonal one, creating a summer-focused marketing plan can help you stand out from the competition. Luckily, there are many ways in which your digital campaigns can be optimized for this peak period. After all, Google searches for ‘summer activities near me’ will remain high throughout June and July.

If your business is based in an area with high temperatures year-round or another popular summer destination such as New York City or London, you may find that promoting your company during this time is beneficial. After all, people will be looking for summer activities regardless of what part of the world they reside in. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or an online business, it’s worth taking advantage of these opportunities to increase brand awareness among new audiences. Here are five SEO strategies to boost your summer campaign:

SEO Strategy 1: Incorporate Your Brand’s Voice into Your Content

Just as you would create Pinterest boards or Instagram stories to represent your brand, you should also do the same with your content. These SEO strategies can include using hashtags in blog posts, incorporating your brand’s voice through the use of emojis and GIFs, and using consistent terminology. For example, using the word ‘ sunscreen’ instead of ‘ sun cream’ might not seem like a big deal, but these words will be searchable on Google. You can also add links to your content and include a blog section on your website where you can publish seasonal content to reach a wider audience.

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SEO Strategy 2: Add Rich Media Elements to Increase Engagement

It’s been shown that website visitors engage with content that includes rich media elements, like images and video, for longer than content with only text. In fact, one study found that visitors are willing to wait an average of 63 seconds longer for a page to load if it contains a video! Instead of simply adding links to your blog posts, use images and videos to encourage further engagement. You can also use social media to engage with audiences: be creative with your posts and encourage people to engage with your content.

SEO Strategy 3: Develop Effective Collaborations with Brands in Your Space

Another way to take advantage of the increased online activity during summer is to partner with other brands within your space. This can include hosting meetups, creating collaborative events, or offering free product samples. Using hashtags related to your events and hosting pop-ups in popular shopping districts can help to increase brand awareness. You can also host online competitions and giveaways to incentivize engagement and gain new followers on social media.

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SEO Strategy 4: Use Video to Increase Awareness and Sales

In addition to increasing engagement, video can help to boost brand awareness and drive sales. In fact, video ads are shown to be up to 95% more effective than standard ads, with viewers being able to recall the content 44% better. You can create a video blog (Vlog) or product video to help to drive sales and boost your brand’s presence. If you’re not sure where to start, you can look at hiring a creative team to help you with the process. Vlogs are particularly helpful if you want to reach a wider, younger audience.

SEO Strategy 5: Increase User Engagement With Games and Apps

Another way to boost engagement during summer is to create games and apps that appeal to your audience. Whether you choose to create a game or an app, this can help to increase brand awareness and drive app downloads. You can create challenges or puzzles that allow users to engage with your brand in a fun, novel way. This can include creating trivia apps that allow your users to win rewards and prizes, or creating quizzes that allow brands to share their content in a fun, engaging way.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many different seo strategies you can employ to improve your SEO during this peak period. If your business is focused on summer activities, you can use these seo strategies to increase brand awareness, drive app downloads, and increase sales. With the extra time this extended period affords you, you’ll be able to further develop your digital marketing campaigns, ensuring that they’re at their best when summer arrives. And with the majority of people now turning to the internet for their information, your campaigns are sure to benefit from these SEO strategies. These are the best times of the year to implement these seo strategies because people are looking for answers to their questions and are more likely to click on your website as a result. These are also the times of the year when people are most likely to be browsing the internet and making purchases. By taking advantage of these periods, you will be able to improve your brand awareness and drive more sales through your internet marketing campaigns.