What is Performance Max?

Google Ads Performance Max is quite interesting. “It gives advertisers the freedom to experiment with different ad formats and get to know their customers better than ever before.” – Google

Optimizing Ads with Google Ads

Google says that Performance Max allows advertisers to get to know their customers better and make smarter, data-driven decisions about their campaigns.

You can develop your campaign strategy and adapt it to various advertising scenarios to deliver better returns:

Targeted audiences: Google can help you choose the right audiences to advertise to.


What do you get from a Google Ads Performance Max campaign?

This type of campaign has the highest volume of bids, taking advantage of all available inventory. As such, you can run competitive campaigns to improve your click-through rate.

You can also choose between several different ad formats, including video, mobile, display, and text ads.

Every ad is bid on individually and can be placed against audiences for each of these ad units.

Benefits and disadvantages of Performance Max campaigns

Performance Max is one of the most profitable ad types available to advertisers. However, it comes with some disadvantages.

Limited reach: Performance Max campaigns only allow you to target a limited set of audiences.

Limited conversion opportunities: Performance Max ad placements are limited to 40 (out of hundreds) per day in the US.


Why should you use a Performance Max campaign?

Increasing Conversion Rates

Improving Conversion Rate is the first reason to invest in a Performance Max ad campaign.

A lot of businesses are understandably concerned about the cost of Google AdWords, especially when bidding on a product like search ads.

Google also reported on the impact of cost on conversion in a release on their performance upgrades:

Companies with a high cost-per-click had an average increase of 11.5 percent in AdWords revenue. And when the CPC declined by 20 percent, conversions were on average only 1.8 percent lower.

Optimizing your ads to better reach your audience with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques is a crucial part of improving your CTR.


How can you use a Performance Max campaign for your business?

All of Google’s advertising platforms can work together to provide better ad experiences and results.

Your Google Ads account will be automatically linked to the Google Analytics account that you are currently using.

The Performance Max campaigns offer access to Insights, which is a tool that provides you with your audience’s intent, ad performance, and engagement, and provides visual insights into the performance of your Google ads.

You will be able to identify and mitigate potential ad faults or glitches that could negatively impact your online marketing campaign.

Here are the four primary ways you can leverage Performance Max to improve your Google Ads campaign.



In this post we have given an overview of some of the best Google AdWords and Google Display Network strategies and tips to optimize your Google AdWords campaign.

What is your Google AdWords strategy?

Which of the above strategies did you use to optimize your Google AdWords campaign in the past?

AdWords optimization isn’t rocket science, but you have to use tools to automate your ad creation and process and also work with other experts to get the most out of your advertising dollars.

You can learn what you need to know about creating better ads in general and how to use InMarket audiences to create better ads.

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