5 Reasons why Video Testimonial wins with Brands

1. Videos Show Empathy

The ability to connect with your audience with video testimonials is every Marketers job and in most cases it serves as a north star objective. The words of wisdom is a classic phrase that when read can evoke thought and emotion, but add in a visual reference or better yet make it the center of focus and that can be powerful.

Simply put that when search engines are becoming an increasing part of our daily routine, we are smitten for convenience and accuracy when it comes to information. The convenience part and video responses has no challengers. That includes things we aim to learn quickly: how to fill out a document, fix a broken shelf, or the best restaurant near me.

Especially when a client is thankful for a service you provided or maybe your product impacted them in some profound way. The power of a video testimonial can land light years ahead of a written testimonial. The emotion conveyed is directly observed by the viewer and they can relate empathically, and that is how purchase decisions are being made in 2021.

2. Visual content is Stimulating over Text

Imagine how you feel after reading a great chapter or finishing a book, now imagine how you feel after movies you’ve seen. It’s quite interesting the different ways of how the brain works and functions when processing information.

The area of focus when it comes to digital marketing is always convenience and accuracy so how can you compare an effectively written testimonial over a video? Well, you really cannot because the ability to storytell and show dynamic visual cues is unparalleled.

Whereas text often requires you to fill in gaps with your imagination. Video allows you to convey a multitude of information simultaneously and in a shorter and with a more memorable impact. Depending on your intention and the information provided in the video you can aim for out of this world retention rates or driving home unforgettable insights.

3. Video: Faster, Easier, Preferred

The growing demand for video information is due to the quality of video such as 4k and even 8k, some stunning cinematography, and creative genius can go a long way.

The mobile experience means that portability is without a doubt effective, being able to replace your battery with a few screws and comparatively see how it is done. This means that the imagination can take it easy.

The crazy world of algorithms allows you to learn a lot about a topic on YouTube. Where supplemental content will keep stacking up in your feed and you are bound to be targeted. This power can be used for good as a Marketer to properly provide information to your audience.

It has just become a part of the new normal… Frankly, it’s here to stay!

4. Video is the Sharing King

Whether a video is meant to go viral because it has a powerful message or is sensationally humorous, the ability to share video content and skyrocket view counts is astonishing. All it takes is a quick copy and past of the link, and in most cases the point can be driven home quickly compared to a long drawn out article.

It allows a speaker to share their thoughts freely from their mind. Human storytelling can be an art form from either the prepared and practiced thoughts or freestyle flowing of authenticity that can be viewed emotionally. These are the key variables that help prompt a person to share different videos with their social networks.

Do not forget that video testimonials do not just refer to a person’s experience with a product or service. In fact, it can be more than that including video reviews of an in depth walk through of a product, or comparison of similar products. Each helps viewers make decisions of whether or not to make a purchase or seek more information in their buyer’s journey.

5. Video Testimonials are Trusted Over Text

At the end of the day there is arguably little to debate when it comes to trusting the testimonial of someone, and even less when that is in the form of video (which is the best thing next to in person). This can be supported by the classical marketing philosophy of referral based marketing, or a customer recommending your product or service to another based on experience.

The important thing to keep in mind is that when creating video testimonials it should be authentic and cover key issues. Those issues can be answers to your frequently asked questions, real world use and experience, and what key benefits have been as a result. There are many ways to set up a video testimonial from short and long, the details and where to film.

But tactics are a matter for a different article, these key points are to ensure that your marketing strategy should consider using video testimonials because it is great to put a person to a face when sharing what your customers have to say about your product or service.

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