It is important to understand high-level SEO tips that are effective. The tools at your disposal in 2021 are powerful and the data is there to communicate where opportunities and challenges exist.

There is no band-aid approach to improving your SEO, you have to commit to doing things properly and an effective strategy. This will ensure a sustainable approach to achieving your goals and provide value to increasing traffic and improving the quality of leads.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is all about the process of using the web as a tool to improve our search ranking by performing changes to the SEO tactics we deploy to online content and websites.

SEO is anything you do to ensure your website is found on Google. Everything you do online, such as creating social media content, linking to it on LinkedIn, commenting on your website, etc., has an impact on SEO. Most of our tactics and tricks in SEO can be grouped under these main categories:

Let me take a step back and describe the major impact Google has on our business: The Search Engine. Google is the most important search engine in the world, it provides billions of results in the most relevant order according to the user search intent. The power of SEO is getting your business to land on the front page of search results, the concept is that simple.

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SEO tips need personal investment

So, what can you do about the immediate issues that keep you from reaching your goals?

Be empathetic and honest with yourself. When you decide to do some serious SEO work, you need to make a commitment. You need to care. I spent a great deal of my time with SEO professionals who didn’t care. They weren’t particularly invested. They knew what they were doing, but there was no personal investment. Their content looked okay, and their headline was excellent, but you could tell they hadn’t given a damn.

If you can’t care about the quality of your work, then you don’t have a competitive edge. This isn’t to say that all SEOs are lazy, or don’t care. Some actually do care and are super sharp. But, all SEOs have their strengths and weaknesses. Try to understand your own and seek to improve them or find help where you need it to succeed at SEO.

SEO and the User Experience

As digital marketers, SEO tips are integral to the success of our companies. It’s a means to an end; a way to get people to interact with our site. But the reality is that we rarely focus on the user experience or how a searcher navigates from search to the landing page and, eventually, a customer.

One of the core aspects that we should be looking at is information architecture. How many products can a search engine process at a given time and what else is the user needing to do? Often we create multiple entities within the site with duplicate content to optimize for different search terms. This is a lot of work for the user and doesn’t create a great user experience.

At the other end of the spectrum is how users actually land on our website and engage with our brand.

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The “SEO Pyramid”

Now, in addition to common problem areas, we should be mindful of other common “pyramids.” These are the different areas of the pyramid that each play a major role in not only developing an effective SEO plan, but also maintaining it. Let’s take a look at some of the different areas of the SEO pyramid:

Gaining Website Traffic – 100% will be spent optimizing websites. A good number of firms and brands operate like this: How can I get people to come to my site? Paying for traffic is the wrong way to go for a lot of these small and medium-sized businesses. Content Marketing – This should be considered an extension of the Traffic area of the SEO Pyramid.

Breaking it down into units will help you build an SEO strategy that will effectively bring you visitors and cascade down like a Pyramid.


SEO has evolved to the point that if you are using the basics, it can be used effectively to improve your website. By making an organic, customer-driven, content-driven website, you increase the chances of getting more customers over time that can even replace paid advertising.

Understanding the SEO industry and preparing your site for success will help you get noticed online and reach your goals.

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