For many business owners trying to navigate what is seo in the digital landscape, knowing what to do to promote your company online is as mysterious as figuring out how the pyramids were built or what to get your mother-in-law for her birthday. On top of that, everybody and their mother seems to have an “expert insight” on what your website needs to bring customers flocking, though lacking quantifiable expertise on the subject.

When it comes to online digital marketing strategies, it’s best to leave it to reputable companies like SEO Troop. With expert knowledge of and experience in techniques and trends, agencies such as this can not only ensure your business thrives online, but can demystify the process for you in terms you can understand.

what is seo marketing


Ensuring the vitality of your online business begins and ends with proper SEO, but what exactly is SEO? Put simply, Search Engine Optimization is the process of ensuring your site is at the top of the results when a potential client looks for goods and services related to your business on search engines like Google. 

To do that, the content of your site (i.e. its webpages) need to be populated with keywords (or the most common words related to your business) that will be used most frequently by searchers. For example, if you own an electronics shop that specializes in cell phone equipment in Montréal, keywords that need to show up on your site can include combinations like “cell phone accessories Montréal” or “electronics cell phones.” By using keywords, Google can rank your site higher on a potential client’s search- the more precise the keywords the better!

what is seo keywords


Keywords may be the linchpin of proper SEO, but they aren’t the only essential tools in the digital marketer’s kit. After all, what is SEO if it is not taking into account shifting trends and evolving consumer habits? For this reason, constantly updating your website’s pages for keywords is crucial. Also, your site should be periodically reviewed and edited to ensure consistency in visuals and content. If there’s one thing customers appreciate, it’s familiarity, as it promotes the ease of use of your website. Finally, proper SEO will also make prodigious use of customer reviews and active links to make sure your website stays on the top of Google searches.


Without a doubt, SEO is a crucial part of ensuring your business’ online success. Without it, there’s a solid chance no one will even stumble onto your site because Google will rank it so low, it may not even show up on the first page of the search hits. The benefits of SEO are clear: better search results lead to more traffic and more sales, and that’s something no business owner can afford to ignore.

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